Connecting to a database in Articulate Storyline 360

Apr 09, 2018

I have the latest version of Articulate Storyline 360 (as of 4/7/2018).  I'm new to Storyline (but I'm a web developer).  I want to connect to a database or a Google Sheet.  I know both PHP and javascript.  Are there any "recent" threads that talk about connecting Storyline to a DB or Google Sheet to update and read data back and forth?


Thanks for your help!

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Joshua Crigger

Hey there Marcelo,

I am new here as well but eager to learn the ins and outs and to be able to do similar things such as integrating with other tools. Love that you have the programming background to pull into this as from my searching thus far it would be a manual process to make a connection to a DB or Google Sheets.

I found this thread very helpful. There was a recent(ish) post 5 months ago from Gus who laid out in a nice clear manner how he integrated with his MySQL data base working with a web-object containing a form which is filled out with JavaScript and then posted to a PHP file. Good stuff. Here is a direct link:

Would love to touch base after a bit to re-sync on what you learned and I can do the same.


Michael Getz

Hey Marcelo!

I was looking around the E-Learning Heroes forum for experience connected Storyline 360 to a .NET/ SQL Server database (thinking most likely through Javascript calls to SQL stored procedures) and your post from last year came up. I wonder if you've gained any further experience in this and see what you learned.

Hope all is well - been meaning to view some of your new VR videos as well.



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