Jul 14, 2012

Hi i´m from brazil, and i work with a desktop course, now we use toolbook to create our courses, but it is very poor tool, so i would like to know if i can create our courses in storyline and connect it with any database.

thanks everyone.

Antonio CArlos

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Steve Flowers

I haven't used them. They popped up on some research I was doing for something similar. So did Parse, though:( Not sure why they went away. Thought Parse was pretty popular.

If you want to try to run a few tests with xAPI, I can send you an example. Should be able to yank out the Google Sheets code and relatively simply replace it. Testing with something like Saltbox would be free. The beauty of using xAPI is all you need to do is change the auth strings and endpoint and it should work with any LRS.

Anna-May Trompenaars

Hey Steve!

You have a lot of knowledge about Grassblade. Have you made a lot of applicaties with Grassblade? I'm searching for succes stories (or less good stories) about Grassblade and other Learning Record Stores. Would you mind talking with us about that. With us I mean the companie I work for.

Kind regards 

Sreelatha Maila

Hi There,

I am Sree and I am very new to articulate. I have gone through this posting and I am looking to do something similar, save data to SQL using .Net page.

Currently we are using captivate and we are using the existing email function to send data to SQL.

Can someone guide me with following things:

where do I need to call BW_StoreQuestionResult() in story line, I mean which file?

Thanks in advance.

Leslie McKerchie

Hello Sree! This thread is a bit dated and I'm not sure if the users here are still subscribed. You are certainly welcome to reach out to the user directly via the 'Contact Me' option on the user profile if you do not hear back soon. Saving data to a database is not supported by Articulate, so thanks for reaching out to the community and I hope that someone will be able to assist you here.

Anne Seller

Hi Steve,

I am trying to figure out how to use an xAPI wrapper to send and pull data (from the user-inputted variables) from my Storyline 2 module to my Yet Analytics xAPI LRS. (P.S. My SL2 module is included within an iframe in a course I created with the Adapt Learning Framework.)

I would love to see some of the examples you mentioned in your above response. Could you please send me a link to those or post it here? Thanks so much! :)

Cheers, Anne

Gus Toledano

Hi everybody. I think this is an old thread, but I want to know if is possible to get a data from mysql and assign to an storyline variable. Kenneth said it was possible, but Ihope you can help me to do it, I really need it. 

   If someone wants help about saving the data from Storyline to mysql I know an esay way, and I can share it, but I want the invert process, from mysql to Storyline, exactly the same as Kenneth in this image:

Russell Killips

Hello Gus,

I was able to get this working.

I created a MYSQL database called active_learners. It has one table called tblLearners.

Here is the structure for the table.

Table Structure

The table has only one learner in it. Leon Koos. ID number: 9311135802

On the first slide of the project, there is a layer called check. On this layer there is a Web Object.

The Web Object (index.html) has a form on it. With Javascript, the form gets filled in with the ID and then Posted to a php file titled check.php.

You will need to change the form to post to your php file on your server.

The php file returns the learner info using the postMessage API which allows cross domain scripting.

On timeline start of the first slide, a javascript function is created that listens for an incoming message.


If the message contains the word Error, a show layer is triggered to say that the learner wasn't found and they should try again.

If the message does not contain the word Error, it is divided into an array and then assigned to Storyline variables.

I have attached my project that includes the: storyline 360 file, web object, php file, and published to CD output.

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