Can we host information, data storage & security to our server

Oct 07, 2022

Is it possible for us to host information storage of say, student and staff names and phone numbers securely on our server and be able to access them through lessons that we create in Storyline 360?

Some of the links we’d like to connect to include live feed video within our building and applications that links may open, like Zoom. 

Can this be done if we have our own IT department?

Thank you

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Jose Tansengco

Hello Edward,

Thanks for reaching out! 

Yes, you'll have the option to add Web Objects to your Storyline 360 course, and these Web Objects can be links that can only be accessed within your organization. 

Alternatively, you can add hyperlinks in your course that redirect to secure links. Note that Zoom links are publicly accessible, so you'll want to take the extra measure of password protecting the meetings if your content can be accessed by anyone. 

Let me know if you have any questions!