Consolidating user inputs (numeric or text) into an external file for presentation

Hi, I would like to consolidate user inputs (numeric or text) into an external file for presentation. The (default) results slide did not seem to meet my requirement because entries are more important than the scoring.

  • I have tried to export storyline variables into external file like excel. As my browser is Microsoft Edge, the ActiveXObject would not be supported. Javascript using ActiveXObject would not work. 
  • I have also tried to use the print results function of storyline 3. I do not know how to customise the html printout to what I need.

Would need guidance on how I can achieve my requirement using storyline 3?

And would greatly appreciate if you can also share sample codes. 

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Leow Choon Lian

Matthew, thanks for sharing the source files. 

As I was running through the source files for storyline and print.html, how did the print.html pick the right storyline variables for name, title and answers 1-4  to create the workbook?

  • You have tried to explain Q1, Q2, Q3, Q4. The numbering matters. What about printUserName and printTitle?
  • If I were to use the exact variable names from storyline in the print.html, would this work? 
  • Referring to "<div id="answer1" class="answer"></div>", would "answer1" be considered as static content, just like name and date? What would be different when it has been appended with class = "answer"?

Finally, I republished the source code using storyline 3 to web. Then I copied the 4 files into the published website. When the story opened print.html, the storyline variables were not exported out. See attachment on what was on the workbook.

Matthew Bibby

If you want this to work, you need to use the variables Q1, Q2 etc. You can't just add the variable names from Storyline to the print.html (at least, not without rewriting the process.js).

printUserName and printTItle are used to pass the user name and title to the workbook. 

The <div id="answer1" specifies where the value of the Q1 variable should appear. The class="answer" is used to style the answers so they look as intended.

The screenshot you shared suggests that the JavaScript hasn't run properly. Try uploading the course to your LMS or server and see if it works there. Also check the JS console for errors.