Content Estimation

Our client has given us a storyboard, and we have to create gamified output of the same with each slide mapping to L2 or L3 level. Estimating even without a discussion is getting difficult, as we dont know what theme would suit them. Is there a known methdology for estimating the ballpark amount of work for creating gamified content. Anyone who has done this before, may share her experience.

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Jonathon Miller

Absolutely agree with Bruce. 

You can know how long it will take to build until you know what you are building. It's kind of like asking a contractor, "How much to build a beautiful home." Far to many variables. If you asked, "Can ballpark and estimate to build a 2,000 sq ft home on a slab foundation in northern California with three bedroom and mid-grade finishes throughout." The ballpark will be much smaller. 

You can try explaining to your client that it is to their benefit to have such discussions as it will result in a shorter turn around time with less revisions and ultimately you can deliver a product more closely aligned with their needs on a shorter time line.