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Aug 16, 2013

I need to create a model for sizing the server for storyline courses.  I will have 30-40 courses online. Users access the courses by siging in to an applciation which then gives them a menu of courses and lauches the course of their choosing.

We need to estiamte how many users could access and run courses.

Does anyone have a mehtod worked out to estimating server capacity and users?

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Mike Taylor

Hi Ramon!  How well defined is your potential audience? Is it limited to people in your organization or is it potentially anybody online? Do you have any historical data that might help with a prediction?

What about looking at it from the opposite viewpoint?  i.e  We want a server that can handle 1,000, 5,000,  10,000 etc simultaneous users  That would at least give you some ballpark understanding of costs vs capacity. 

Depending on the type of server and configuration you might even be able  'upsize' later if necessary. 

Good luck! 

Ramon Smitherman

Thanks Mike,

The users will be customers who have purchased access to the training.  It is unknown at present how many there will be.  A rough estimate for startup with be 1000.

Once users complete the training they will seldom take the course again.  So we would have spike of activity with each new addition of a company and its employees.

I guess what I need to do is characterize the behavior of 1 and then use that as a baseline to estimate capacity given projections of new clients.

I am looking at a tool called HTTPwatch now to do this.  I was hoping to find any information on other tools that could work better.


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