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Oct 04, 2017


I can't seem to find any recent answers about this so posting it here.

I am having issues with Artculate Player on the iPad. I have a membership website and when I publish to HTML and Articulate Player, users can access the courses on their iPad. However, the course is saved to their Articulate Player library and once stored there, it can only be deleted by the user. It means users can potentially have access to my courses all the time regardless if they have resubscribed to my site.

My site depends on subscriptions therefore I need to make sure users can only access the content if they are a member.

I have seen other discussions where it has been suggested that the course is deleted from my server however this is not a realistic solution.

Can anyone help with this? Everytime I contact Articulate about it they just tell me not to publish for downloading - though I never, ever click this option -however the courses are still always available.


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Crystal Horn

Hi Natasha!  Thanks for posting your question.

It looks like our support team requested your project file to investigate via email.  Let me know if you didn't receive their request.

If the option to "download the course for offline viewing" is not checked, it should not remain in their library.  We'd like to test what's happening with your course that contradicts this expected behavior.

I'll follow along with your case as well to make sure you're getting the help you need.  Thanks!

Crystal Horn

Hi Natasha, just to close the loop, I checked in on your support case.

I think my last post was misleading because I misunderstood what was happening.  I'm sorry about that.  Your learners shouldn't be able to access the content offline if you didn't include that option when publishing.  So if they were disconnected from the internet on that device, the course shouldn't load.

If the course is at the same URL, Articulate Mobile Player is going to access the URL to launch the course.  Once the URL is available to AMP, it will remember it and use only that address to launch the content.

Can your users view the course without the Articulate Mobile Player as an alternative?  If you include the HTML5 output, your learners can use mobile Safari to view it (Storyline 1 viewing requirements).

Also, if you need broader mobile device support, we've really done some wonderful things with HTML5 output in our latest versions of Storyline.

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