Package HTML course inside Storyline to publish in LMS

Apr 29, 2020

My department has some old HTML courses that are housed on our intranet. We'd like to make that content available in our LMS, but we can't link to it directly because some of our users don't have permission to access the intranet. I'd like to display those pages in Storyline and package the original HTML files with the project so it doesn't need to find them on an external web server. Is there a way for me to do that so we can get these courses in our LMS?

I don't want to do a full conversion right now, because the courses are content-heavy. But I'm getting a lot more users wanting that content who have barriers to accessing it.

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Leslie McKerchie

Hello Ericka,

Thanks for contacting us and sharing what you would like to do with your courses.

It sounds like the projects were originally published and uploaded to the web, but you would now like to publish them for LMS.

You mention displaying the pages in Storyline, and you can link to published websites by adding a web object to your course. However, if this is protected by an intranet login, that will still hold true for embedding as well.

If the courses were originally created with Storyline, you can open up the original project files and republish to LMS for upload.

Publishing a Course for LMS Distribution

Ericka Kahler

I already have them as web objects linking to the intranet, but my users are not able to access them because of the permissions issue. They were not created in Storyline; they pre-date our use of Articulate products.

I'd like to include the folder with the HTML files when I publish the Storyline project and have the web object display the files from that folder. Is that a thing I can do?

Vincent Scoma

Hi Ericka,

Thank you for sharing those details!

Since there are permission issues on those links, learners will need the proper security permissions to view them. In case this helps, I came across a similar community post where possible ideas/solutions were suggested. You can find that post here: 

Please let us know if you have any questions! We are happy to help!

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