Hyperlinks to a Corporate Intranet page

Hi heroes,

Has anyone had success with creating hyperlinks to a Corporate Intranet page in Storyline?

I have tried two methods, and have had no success with either one.

Method 1: Create a hyperlink using existing text

This is my preferred method, as you have some control over where the page opens (within current browser or a new browser - I always choose new browser)

I have pasted my URL in the field specified, but when I publish (Publish to Web) - and play the course within the client's environment - nothing happens. A new browser window doesn't even appear.

Method 2: Create a URL in the Resources tab

This looks very clean and easy for the learner.

Same problem... the link doesn't work and I don't even get a new browser window to open.

It's just a dead link.

I will eventually be hosting this course on the client's LMS (where most learners will access the course within the intranet environment).

There are currently other courses within the LMS that perform this task successfully, so I'm hoping my course can do the same.

If anyone has had any positive experiences with hyperlinks in Storyline, please let me know.

Many thanks,


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Peter Anderson

Hi Leonard!

Just to confirm, when you've tested your course in both the client's environment and when testing the LMS version, have you actually uploaded the course to a web server or LMS? If you try testing it locally, it's likely those hyperlinks will fail. 

Be sure to test your content in its intended environment: Web server, LMS, Articulate Online, or CD. If you are testing your content locally, publish for CD. Testing hyperlinks in Preview is not supported. You will need to Publish your presentation for proper testing.

Let us know if you can provide any more details about how you're testing. 

Thanks, Leonard!

Christine Hendrickson

Hi Leonard,

I can't say that I've worked with an intranet, but I have seen some courses with these types of hyperlinks in courses. When you say that you're playing the course in the client's environment do you mean that you're uploading to the LMS? If so, have you tried testing this in another web browser? If not, try to make sure you're not viewing the content locally as some browser restrictions may keep you from interacting with hyperlinks. 

I've also seen some cases where the file name, or link contain spaces or special characters. If you're using either of these, try removing them and see if that makes a difference. 

Leonard Puglia

Thanks everyone,

As always, your help has been invaluable.

My problem was that I had published the course to "web".

I tried publishing to "CD' and this behaved much better.

We were in testing mode with the client, which is why I hadn't yet published to the LMS.

Always learning!

Thanks again.


Sarah Newman

I'm having the same issue, but I don't understand why the links won't work just because I published to web. I need to load the course I'm working on to a website (not an LMS), so shouldn't I publish to web? Why would this inhibit my links? My client is asking me why our links to Survey Monkey don't work, and I don't know what to tell her. Please help!

Sarah Newman

They definitely work outside of the course, and they work when I use the green check mark to test them. But when I publish the course to web and use the story.html file to launch the course, the link doesn't work. Above, Leonard mentions that he's able to use his links when he published to CD instead (I haven't tried this since it wouldn't actually be a solution for me), which is why I assumed that publishing to web is my problem here. Thoughts?

Peter Anderson

Hi Sarah, 

You'll just need to upload your course to a website to test it properly. Testing a project locally that was published for web will cause the hyperlinks to break. 

You can quickly and easily test your course here to make sure your hyperlinks will work when uploaded to a website. 

Let us know if they work there...


David Osborne

Hi Sarah, I have had similar issues to you and the excellent tempshare site was the correct course of action to test external links. However, I found that our corporate 'build' of Internet Explorer did not work with tempshare. I downloaded Firefox and tried tempshare through that and it all worked beautifully. Not sure what our company does to 'break' Internet Explorer but Firefox or another browser may work for you.



Peter Anderson

Hmm, are you behind a firewall or other security that might be preventing you from uploading the course?

And yeah, it's always important to test your content in the same environment for which you originally published, and for where it is ultimately intended to go. Otherwise Flash player and browser security will likely prevent a lot of functionality from working properly. 

And if you do want to test your content locally, that's when you would want to publish for CD. 

Let us know if you're able to get it working properly

Leonard Puglia

Hi Sarah,

I've been away, so I haven't followed this thread until today.

My issue is the same as yours - once I published to web, the link wouldn't even attempt to open, let alone worrying about whether I was behind a firewall.

My solution was this: publish to CD as part of the review process. Allow the client to view the Launch_Story.exe file, so that they can see how the course would behave. It opened all links (I had a SurveyMoneky link as well as a link to the client's intranet page).

The course is not "live" yet at this stage - It was loaded/stored on their network drive, allowing access to the intranet link.

The published course was then loaded onto the Client's Intranet (company page as a feature article) - now we're "live". The key difference here is in order to access the course from the intranet, the network team directed users to the Story.html file (which you also get when you publish to CD, but doesn't work in testing).

For some reason, the Story.html works once it has been published to a web environment.

Like you, I *promised* that it would work once it was live.

The suggestions of testing this in Tempshare or Scormcloud are valid and do work. If, however you have a client who just wants to see what the course looks like as part of a review... publishing to CD is just as effective.

I stll find it weird that links from the resources tab or web links included in a course do not work when I publish to web.

I understand if they do not connect (due to not being within the corporate environment)- but it doesn't even attempt to open a browser window.

Hope this helps.

Ami Kate

Hi Sarah,

Hi, I don't have more information about course but I can help you regarding corporate intranet. I am focusing on ready to go intranet 365Appz activities. After implementing, 365Appz intranet, you can give hyperlink. There are engaging features and SharePoint Add-ins are available. You can easily create the hyperlink using link web parts.




Camilla Smith


My brilliant colleague and I have devised this and it works perfectly.

To create intranet links in Rise:

  1. Make a separate Storyline project. Don't make a slide as it won't work (haven't tested it with a scene though.)
  2. Then in the slide, add your intranet hyperlink.
  3. Ensure the window opens to a New Window (not to open inside Rise or it won't work).
  4. Add it as a Storyline block in Rise.

Amazing. So happy we now can use Rise to host our company's intranet links.


Katie Riggio

Good morning, Sean!

It sounds like you need to link to an internal resource page in a course hosted on your LMS. To offer the right advice, I'd like to understand your scenario better. 

Can you help me with these details?

  • How do you usually access that resource page?
  • Do you need a username and password to get into your company's network?