Hyperlinks open without browser controls on some screens.

Jul 28, 2015

I'm working on a project with hyperlinks to open a webpage or a document from within a Storyline course. The pages open in full screen with no browser controls showing, so the user can’t minimise or close the window. We have the browser options set to:
Display in a new browser window
Default browser controls
Default window size

I have also set the Player Custom Options to Default to a open player in new browser window, but i haven't ticked the other options. 

My screen is resolution 1440 x 900. On a wider screen the websites open okay but links to documents or pages on our intranet still fill the whole screen and there are no browser controls.
Related to that, when I open any of the websites listed in my Resources section I do get a new browser window, but with a wider screen it opens the window correctly with browser controls then opens a new blank page on top of that. So I assume its related to our screen resolution or something. Any ideas anyone?


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Christie Pollick

Hi, Barbara -- Sorry to hear of the issue you are experiencing. Have you had an opportunity to review this information on Changing the Browser Settings and Player Size? In addition, can you please ensure that you are testing your published output in the intended environment?

If issues persist, you are welcome to share your .story file here and we will be happy to take a closer look.  

Christie Pollick

Hi, Barbara -- 

Thanks for your patience. I was able to publish your file, and tested it in both the SCORM Cloud (as it is the testing standard for LMS courses), as well as on Tempshare. Please click on the links below for your published output:



My apologies, but I do not believe I am seeing the behavior you have described while testing in Chrome, so I would like to have our Support Engineers take a closer look for you. I have taken the liberty of creating a support case for you (00618403), and you should be hearing from someone shortly via email. I intend to follow along with our Engineer's progress on your case. 

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