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Feb 26, 2013

Hi heroes,

Has anyone had success with creating hyperlinks to a Corporate Intranet page in Storyline?

I have tried two methods, and have had no success with either one.

Method 1: Create a hyperlink using existing text

This is my preferred method, as you have some control over where the page opens (within current browser or a new browser - I always choose new browser)

I have pasted my URL in the field specified, but when I publish (Publish to Web) - and play the course within the client's environment - nothing happens. A new browser window doesn't even appear.

Method 2: Create a URL in the Resources tab

This looks very clean and easy for the learner.

Same problem... the link doesn't work and I don't even get a new browser window to open.

It's just a dead link.

I will eventually be hosting this course on the client's LMS (where most learners will access the course within the intranet environment).

There are currently other courses within the LMS that perform this task successfully, so I'm hoping my course can do the same.

If anyone has had any positive experiences with hyperlinks in Storyline, please let me know.

Many thanks,


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