Content iframe is bigger than the iframe

Hi all!

I've got an issue.. (: I have a responsive web object that rescales according to the webbrowser. I've tested it in Google Chrome and Edge, works fine! But then, I embed it as a web object in Storyline 360 and publish it. It became bigger than the iframe..

Why is it that when I open it its responsive, but when embeded not. How do I solve this? 

I've attached some screenshots to show. I can't share the project because its very confidential.

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Vincent Scoma

Hi Media,

Thank you for reaching out! 

I see what you are referring to in the screenshots you provided. The web object is slightly larger than the course player. Does it appear the same way when previewing your course in Storyline? 

With your permission, I'd like to take a look at your project file to investigate what's happening. I understand that you are not able to share it publically, but would it be possible to share it with me privately? If that is okay, you are more than welcome to upload it here. I'll let you know my findings and be sure to delete the shared file after having a closer look! 

Media Innowijs

Hi Vincent, 

Thanks for your quick reply!

Well, because it's a web-object in the slide you can't make a preview in it. But we did publish it on review and then it's like showed on the screenshots.

Unfortunately I can't even send you the project (it's that classified.. sorry!)

We did some searching ourself and got to this conclusion: Those web-objects are Adobe Captivate exports. The export settings are HTML5 responsive. They are perfectly responsive when opening in a browser (tested in Chrome, IE and Edge). When we embed these in storyline, it gets funny and weird. 

Then we exported the Captivate exports as a SWF responsive. When we embed this into storyline and publish it, it's all good. It scales perfectly. Weird huh!

So something with the HTML5 export does not go well with the iframe in storyline. We do not know why and how.. And considering SWF won't be supporter soon, this is not the solution we were looking for..
Do you have any suggestions, 'cause now we're a bit stuck..

Thanks in advance!

Kind regards, Nurdianna