Content Library - Lacking Diversity

Jun 18, 2020

Hello Articulate

Upon searching and searching, the images in the content library are seriously lacking in diversity in age, gender, ethnicity, LGBTI and more! Am I doing something wrong here? 

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Ren Gomez

Hi Everyone,

Great news! We released an update for Articulate 360, which included some new photographic and illustrated characters to the Content Library, with a focus on diversity. Take a peek at all the new additions in the release notes here.

And because the Content Library is a web app, no need to install any updates. The new characters are immediately available to all Articulate 360 users!

We’ll keep sharing your feedback with our team as we continue increasing character diversity!

Luka Peters

The characters in the content library are a little more diverse now, yet there is no handicapped person besides the one posture of the character in a wheelchair. Also, all characters are still based on gender stereotypes, even the illustrations. 

I would very much welcome characters which do represent our world.
Thus we need non-stereotypical representations. I am not talking about a "man" in a skirt (although I wouldn't mind some courage here), but just not every "male" person standing there in a wide stance, while "female" characters' clothes are all slimfit.