Content Library / Master Image Library

Oct 13, 2022

I apologise if this has already been covered elsewhere - I could not find anything, but might not be searching properly.

So, I am creating templates for the team to use and I want a place where I can store approved images that can be used in the templates. What is the best way to go about this?

I have a placeholder image box on a slide - but the only two options are "insert from Content Library" or "Insert from file" - does this mean that the images have to live in a shared location somewhere, since I can't add my own content to the library? Seems an odd way to have to work in a template.

I tried adding the images to the Media Library, but then these do not respect the placeholder location and formatting, so that does not seem like a solution either.

Any guidance here would be appreciated.

Thank you

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Judy Nollet

You can't add your own images to the Content Library. That does mean that your approved images have to be in a shared location, and your team will have to "Insert from file" as needed. 

If there are specific images that should be placed in specific locations (for example, using a certain photo on the title slide), you could insert those directly into the template.