Content missing from Powerpoint Import

Feb 16, 2021

So I'm trying to import a powerpoint presentation using Storyline 360 with the eventual goal of making it a SCORM file to upload to my LMS...

I've managed to successfully import the presentation, but a lot of the content is missing.  From what I can see, it seems that the content I have on the slide master of the ppt file is not being imported properly.  

Can anyone assist?  I'm running Storyline 360 through a windows virtual machine on my Mac.  (there's no Mac software for storyline).  The file was created on a Mac powerpoint and is pptx format.  

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Ren Gomez

Hey Mike,

Thanks for reaching out! While this discussion is based on Storyline 3, there are some similar aspects to importing PowerPoint files and may share some insight into what you're experiencing!

The big difference I do notice is that you're using the Mac version of PowerPoint, which could be why some elements aren't importing as expected as it's not a supported version in our system requirements

If you'd like help confirming this, feel free to share the PowerPoint file with our support team here, and they can lend a hand with testing!