Content switching placeholders when moving between layouts

Dec 11, 2013

G'day Storyliners

Geez, 2 posts in one day!

Alrighty, here's my problem:

  • I've created a new slide master 
  • I've created multiple sibling layouts (text on right side, media left; media on right, text on left etc) to give me flexibility when inserting content - mix it up a bit, if you will.
  • I've used placeholders for the various media elements and named the layers (in the timeline) in the same manner i.e. layout 1 has a 'Title' field, layout 2,3 4 have a 'Title' field. In most instance I will have 4 text placeholders on each layout (all serve same purpose) these are: Breadcrumb, Screen_Title, Screen_Text and Pagecount

All good thus far....

However, when I apply a layout a template to existing content the text elements shuffle around and often appear in the wrong text placeholder e.g. When I switch from one layout to another the 'Screen_Text' content ends up in the Breadcrumb or Title box.....Grrrrrrr

Am I doing something wrong here? I would've assumed that if I've named my placeholder containers in an identical way, they'd map across when moving between layouts???




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