Contraction Issues in Storyline 360 and Edge

Jan 14, 2020

Hi, I'm having an issue with a reviewer (Review 360) using Edge (v42.17134.1098.0) and Windows 10 where contractions (like "can't" and "I'm") have 3 odd characters in place of the ' in a textbox. See attachment for example.

 I do not see the same issue in IE, Chrome or Safari on my PC.

Anyone see this before?



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Jen Wicking

Hi Neal. 

Whilst I haven't had the issue with contractions not showing correctly, I have experienced issues with font and IE11. 

For us it was a certificate error, but have you tried using Modern Font in SL 3/ 360?

Otherwsie if you want to upload your storyline file we can see if it is limited to your machine. 



Neal MacIsaac

Hi, Here is the link.

Email me if you need any help navigating to the exact slide where the issue presents.
Here is a screenshot of the comment and 1 instance of the issue. Its about the 6th comment


Jen Wicking

Hi Neal,

Just had a look at your file on my Windows 10 device in Edge / IE11 and Chrome, and can not replicate the issue.

Generally when users see those symbols its an error with text encoding on that device. Maybe ask your reviewer to check their encoding settings in IE and ensure it is on UTF-8, and not autselect. When I modified my encoding I was able to see the same symbols, however they appear then across the entire package not just on punctuation. 

Possibly also try re-publishing your file with modern text, and have your reviewer clear their cache and try again. 

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