control multiple triggers?

Jun 28, 2013

I have a slide in a Storyline course that has an image with various triggers on it.  When a triggered area is clicked, audio plays that describes that part of the image. 

Is there a way to control the multiple triggers so that the audio finishes playing on one before the others can be clicked?  If you click a second trigger before the first audio track completes, both audio tracks play at once.  And so on - 6 audio files could end up playing at once if the learner clicks them all!

Thanks for any thoughts or help on this!

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Mary Beth Faccioli

Hi Nancy,

Thank you so much for any help!  I am not using layers--they are all on the main screen.  I have it that way so the learner can decide which part to interact with first.  There are 6 different things to click on (I'm using object triggers), and then once they're clicked on, I have a visited state that indicates they've clicked on/listened to that one.

Thanks again and please let me know if you need more info from me!

Nancy Woinoski

If you don't want to use layers then you are going to have to add multiple triggers to each object - You will need 5 triggers per object to stop the other media clips from playing when the user clicks the object and 1 trigger to play the correct media clip for that object when the user clicks on it. Order the triggers on the timeline so that the triggers to stop the other media clips are first followed by the media to play the clip for that object.

Hope this makes sense.

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