Stop Audio of all Buttons when New Buttons is Clicked.

May 29, 2019

Let's say you have a hundred buttons and you do a "Play Media" trigger on all 100 buttons. However, when you click another button before the prior button finishes playing its audio, both audios are playing at the same time. Let's say all buttons have an audio clip between 15 to 60 seconds and a user wants to skip several buttons to listen to another button. All audios start playing at the same time because the audio is still playing from the previous buttons clicked. If you are very fast, you can click all 100 buttons and all 100 audios start playing at the same time. There is no "Stop Media" or "Pause Media" triggers that has the ability to stop all audio files from playing for when a new buttons is clicked. Therefore, I would have to create "100 buttons x 99 Stop Media triggers = 9,900 triggers total". No one has time to create that many triggers. Users should be able to create 1 single trigger for each button that allows audio of all other buttons to stop or pause. I'm unable to find this technology in Storyline. Please help!

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