Controlling an external streaming video from within Storyline 2

Jan 14, 2016

I don't ask for much, do I?!

I have 50 minute long videos that are housed on vimeo, and I need to add them to a course.  I have experimented with web video and web object insertion, and am not really getting results.

Here's what I am looking for in video capabilities, in a nutshell - The ability to not be able to skip over the video/not have the (custom) "Next" button appear until the video ends.  If we could just let the user play/pause and maybe rewind to the beginning, that would be great.  I found that I can add a trigger to signal the end of the video by using code, but I don't know if the embed code field will accept that code when adding web video.  And I doubt that Storyline 2 will recognize the signal from the video.  Is there JavaScript or ActionScript that could be applied?

As a last resort, I guess I could set it up in Flash, then import the Flash file into Storyline...maybe.  But I'd like to avoid having to do THAT every time.

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Mike B.

I did something similar with Wistia, but I know very little about javascript so I needed help from a guru. The functions I'm using are 1)detecting the end of the video 2)jumping to points in the video via links from my menu 3)displaying a slider that shows the video progress. I've shared my code in another thread, but it won't be of much help with Vimeo, as it will all be different for that service. You should be able to accomplish anything, as long as the Vimeo API supports those features.

Kathrine Ronis

So here's the update.  I met with the company's JS guy, and he helped me with code.  There's even an alert, so the browser is telling us that the video is returning a signal that it is done.  But it is not advancing the slide.  We wonder why Mike used "on" instead of "true."  I am attaching my test file with the code in the embedded video.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Kathrine,

Did you look at if you're using the Flash or HTML5 output? That may be why it's working in the Chrome set up - as Chrome does support HTML5 output as detailed in our system requirements.  As for why it may not work in Flash in IE - again, I can't assist with the Javascript element so I'd defer to the community for additional info. 

Darren Heath

I know this is an old thread but your script to trigger an action on video end is exactly what i was looking for. Have had to modify the triggers slightly to how you had it but works a treat, so thank you very much for sharing your (and your JS guy's) solution.

i needed to advance a slide when the embedded video changed, your script changed the variable, but didnt action the trigger to go to the next slide. So what i did was to add 2 cue points to the timeline.

stop the timeline when cue point 1 is reached

restart timeline when variable changes

place cue point 2 next to cue point one, and then jump to next slide when timeline reaches cue point 2.

i tested it very quickly tonight before leaving the office and will run through it again and pray the solution still works when tested properly!!

Greg Nelson

This support link on Vimeo maybe helpful. It offers a timecode start option for streaming video's by adjusting the Iframe embed code: 

Although it works fine for starting the video at different points, I've been unable to work out a way to stop the video (via the Iframe) and return to the SL slide. Does anyone know how to do this?

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