Controlling navigation on optional essay/quiz slides

Apr 06, 2022

I was wondering if anyone knows how to control the navigation of an essay slide when the user chooses not to submit an answer? 

We have a situation where the learner should be directed back to a menu once they have answered a question. When they add their answer and press submit, they are taken to a feedback layer which then returns them to the menu. However if they press submit without entering any text they are not taken to the feedback layer and instead are taken directly to the next numbered slide (e.g. 2.5 will automatically move on to 2.6).

I have tried adding a 'go to slide x when user presses submit' trigger, after the trigger to submit essay, but this is ignored.

The only current solution that I can see is to make the questions mandatory, which isn't ideal. Am I missing any other obvious solutions?




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Joanna Reeves

Hi Maria, thanks for your response (and sorry it's taken me so long to reply!) I have been able to use the duplicate menu method for another smaller project, which has worked fine. But this wouldn't work very well for more complex projects and it would significantly increase the size of my project.

An alternative that I thought of was to have two buttons on the same page, one to submit an answer and one to skip the question.

However, if we were able to control the default navigation on quiz/essay slides, as we can for the normal content slides, that would be amazing!