Controlling [Prev] & [Next] buttons like in Presenter

Hi, folks

In Storyline, how can I specify which slide is the "Previous" and which is "Next"?

For example, let's say I have two slides (A & B), where the first auto-advances to the second (for whatever reason, e.g. screencap video on that slide)...

...and let's say I want the [Prev] button on the third slide (C) to branch back to (A) -- rather than (B) -- because (A) is the logical starting-point for that mini-sequence.

Where do I set this value?



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El Burgaluva


Thanks for the response. You said " the moment" -- which gives me hope that this functionality will be added soon.


Thanks for the tip. I assumed someone would suggest that (I almost came back and wrote a P.S.). It's a workable solution, but it would be good to be able to control the [Prev] button better.

Thanks both.