Conversion issues to Storyline 3 from Storyline 2

Hi - 

I just upgraded from Storyline 2 to Storyline 3 and am having major issues when my courses are upgraded. Certain fonts are being replaced by wingdings and my drag and drop interactions aren't working. The drag and drops don't work if I choose to show one drag object at a time. These are just issues I've found so far with working with Storyline 3 for just an hour. Can anyone advise? Did I get a bad download package? Or do I need to recreate courses? I cannot attach courses here on a public forum, just wondering if anyone has had these same issues and what advice you can give. Thank you.

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curlyQT Joy

I was never able to solve the problem entirely and had issues converting all of my courses. With the drag and drops, I found that if your drop target shape doesn't have a fill in it, it won't work. So for instance. If you are dragging a circle and dropping it onto a square, make sure the square isn't transparent with an outline around it. Make sure it's got a fill of some kind. I hope that helps and good luck!

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Curly,

We did find an issue where a drag item would return to the start in Storyline 3 or 360 if it's dropped on a target with 100% transparency. Our team has that on the list to investigate further, but you're spot on with the workaround! Set it to anything less than 100% and you should be good to go.