Convert books to Storyline

Nov 27, 2012


We have loads of books in pdb/epub format, I was wondering if anyone has a good way of making this SCORM? I'm not even sure if Articulate is the way to go but I thought I would ask! 

We would want the user to read the book then it report to the LMS that they user has finished then certificate would be generated. Has anyone done this in storyline or anything else?

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Mike Enders


I haven't done this but am wondering if there isn't some company that does conversions in this manner.  As for Storyline...options off the top of my head....

1. Convert book to HTML/PDF and embed in Storyline via a web object.

2. Create a .story file that is in portrait mode and copy and paste each page of your book to it's own slide in storyline.  Then create a navigation/menu system.  This would also allow you to do some value added interactions.

Other than that...I'm coming up empty...


Tracy Creamer

I was wondering if the process for creating an ebook using Articulate 360 has been explored any further. We currently use Rise for our courses, but we do want to offer an ebook for one of our offerings. The book was developed in InDesign and I have an .epub file.

Any suggestions other than pasting pages would be welcome as the book is 380 pages.