Convert text variable to readable text (for text to speech and closed captioning)

Does anyone know if it's possible to convert the value entered in a text entry box to something text to speech and captioning can interpret? For example, if I have a user enter their first name, and the variable is FirstName, when they go to the next slide the entered value displays as it should, but text to speech reads it as %FirstName% and closed captioning shows the variable rather than the value.


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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Elizabeth, 

Currently the text to speech and closed captions are set to read what you as the author have put on the slides or included in the captions - so it can't read from user entered variables. Perhaps instead of leaving the variable reference there, you could leave it as a blank space?

Leslie McKerchie

Hi Elizabeth! These text to speech files are created during the project development, so there is no way to know what that variable will be. A screenreader, like JAWS, would read the value of a variable to the learner.

Hopefully someone in the community can pop in to assist with how they've handled this requirement.