Convert to Freeform - Reset vs auto decide vs resume saved state

Mar 22, 2019

I will try and explain my situation as best I can. I have a freeform activity where learners drag items to (one of two) locations; one is right, one is wrong. I have a link on the activity that goes to a previous slide where they can see a 'sneak peak' of photos that will help them. If the activity is set to 'resume saved state', they return where they left off in the activity.  However if the learner gets the activity incorrect, I cannot figure out how they can reset the activity and retry again.

I am trying to combine 2 slide states for the freeform activity; one is resume saved state and the other is reset to initial state.  I don't think I can??

Any thought from the awesome articulate community.  Thank you...

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Kim Rushbrooke

OK I figured it out.  I need to stay on the freeform slide and not move away, even to a layer for the RESET to work and for the learner to continue where they left off to have a sneak peak at images etc.  So I just incorporated a Lightbox -- beautiful.  They stay on the slide and get a close up of the images and can continue.  If they get the whole activity wrong it resets to initial state.  Wow -- I think the smartness is catching. haha.  Thanks anyway awesome articulate community.

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