Converting MP4 to FLV for Articulate "Optimal Settings"

Hey community,

I've been editing videos and developing elearnings for several years and thought it would be nice to give back to the community. For those of you that are interested the following settings to convert MP4 to FLV will perform and look great. These settings work great using most encoding software.

Format Basic Settings:

Basic Video Settings:
Codec: On2 VP6

Bitrate Settings:
Bitrate Encoding: VBR (If available)
Encoding Passes: Two (If available)
Bitrate [kbps]: 528 (If available)
Minimum Bitrate [% target]: 100
Maximum Bitrate [% target]: 120
Bitrate Variability [% target]: 100

Advanced Settings:
Undershoot [% target]: 90
Quality: Best

Basic Audio Settings:
Codec: MPEG Layer III (MP3)
Output Channels: Mono
Bitrate Settings: 96

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