Converting SCORM 1.2 to 2004

Dec 19, 2019


My team will soon be undergoing an extensive SCORM conversion project, transferring SCORM 1.2 published files to SCORM 2004. We have close to 200 courses published in Storyline, Rise and Evolve Authoring. 

Can anyone recommend the most efficient way to tackle this project? Are there reliable tools that enable bulk transcoding? My hope is that we won't need to republish all of the courses individually. 

Thank you for any suggestions. 

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Katie Riggio

Hello, Agnieszka!  

Currently, there isn't a way to bulk publish projects. I'm happy to champion this idea to the right team, and will let you know if this concept gets added to a future update!

While we don't offer this feature as of yet, that doesn't mean there isn't a way to accomplish your goal. I'm also curious to hear if the community has a workaround for automating the publishing process!

And A Pro-tip! When we release an update that affects existing course content, we do have an updater tool that mass updates all previously published files. Click here to learn more!

Agnieszka Gorgon

Thank you for sharing information about Articulate Updater. I wasn't aware of this tool.

According to the overview "Articulate Updater is a free app that mass updates your published courses so they work on new operating systems and web browsers—without republishing!" - does this mean the updates are made to all files in the SCORM .zip folder?  If not, what does "published courses" pertain to? As well, under what circumstances would I need to use the Articulate Updater? 

If you could elaborate on the functionality and the use of the tool, I would really appreciate it. 

Vincent Scoma

Hi Agnieszka,

Great question! 

The Articulate Updater allows you to mass update already published courses (zipped files or courses hosted on a website/LMS) to ensure they work on the latest browsers and systems. The Updater won't change the publishing method, so right now you'll need to manually update each course and the publish settings. 

I am hoping that others in the community can share their insights as well!