Cool-looking survey needed - Can I integrate Survey Monkey into Storyline 2?

Apr 15, 2015

I'm trying to build a survey for an internal client.  The challenge is to gather training needs, which I can easily do with the survey options in Quiz Maker and Storyline 2, and also assess where members of a group spend time in the day.  The second part of the challenge has me stumped as to how I can do that in Storyline 2.  I can't use the options built into the product.  I need to have a preset list of about 10 weekly tasks and room to enter one or two more.  Each task needs to have an accompanying percentage of time spent and the total needs to be 100%.  I built a fantastic looking survey thanks to the templates others have posted here.  I have my training piece done and working, but I'm completely stumped on the percentage of time issue.  I know this is a 5 minute task in Survey Monkey, but it doesn't look nearly as good as it does here in Storyline 2.  Is this possible to create that part of the survey relatively easily in Storyline?  If not, could I open a window within the course that presents  the Survey  Monkey quiz and then incorporates those answers back into Storyline?

Any help is appreciated.  This one has me stumped!

Thank you!

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