Survey Monkey from SCORM

Nov 01, 2021


A SCORM file can link to a Survey Monkey survey, correct?  

But, I'm assuming the survey can't be embedded into the module itself and then link to Survey MOnkey for results, if making the module a SCORM?

Just thinking through various survey options outside of our LMS, thanks

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Joseph Francis

You can embed a Survey Monkey survey (which is just a static URL) into a Storyline file using Insert > Web Object. SCORM (or AICC or xAPI) tracking is irrelevant at that point.

Now, will that survey return any data to the "parent" Storyline file which it could then, for example, return to an LMS? No. You would need to create additional middleware to even consider extracting that data and doing anything with it within Storyline. 

Joe Moorman

Thanks for taking that time to reply Joseph.  I was meaning, can I actually embed and view the survey within Storyline and then read the survey data in Survey Monkey but I"m guessing as you say, I can only provide a link to Survey Monkey externally, outside of Articulate.  That's an option that can be considered, shame the LMS survey software can't really do what I want it to.   

Our LMS either builds a banner along the bottom of all the slides with a link to the survey, which I was not wanting, or requires it as a separate module that requires the lesson be closed out before accessing. 

I was hoping to just have a final slide in the module with the necessary survey questions, or a link to make things easy for the learner.  When I build that into Storyline, our LMS can't seem to access that data for reporting purposes

It is what it is!

Leslie McKerchie

Hi Lisa!

I'd be happy to answer your questions here.

  1. Is it possible to insert the evaluation survey monkey link as a web object into the storyline 360 courses?

    Absolutely. Joseph shared all of the information above, but here's some documentation for you or anyone following along:

    Storyline 360: Adding Web Objects
  2. Access the survey data externally in Survey monkey?

    Yup, this would be the expectation.