Copied slide in separate scene not working

Sep 16, 2015

Hi everyone,

I'm building a course that branches a user to different scenes based on the location they select at the beginning of the course. One of the interactions I built using variables is a crossword puzzle that is the same in both scene A and scene B (I copied the slides and pasted them into scene B). However, when I preview the course and enter the correct answer onto the first crossword clue in scene A the 'correct' layer shows;  but when I do the same thing in scene B the 'incorrect' layer shows, even though I've entered the correct answer and the slide is the exact same as in scene A. Has anyone encountered this issue before? Is there anything special we have to do when copying and pasting a slide with variables?

The file for the full course is quite large but I've included the .story file with the crossword in the two different scenes - the correct answer for the first crossword clue is 'planright'.  If anyone could shed some light on this I'd appreciate it.

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Daniel Sposato (Philly)

If the variables for one slide use the same variables for another slide you should reset them when they enter the slides to their default values. And if you want to save any values in the variables for a particular slide (Example: for a summary slide that will display them later in the course) then you should use different variables for each slide that needs them. That or have separate variables that will have triggers to transfer the variable values to for later use in the course.

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