Copy/Paste Images from one story to another

Aug 31, 2012

Is it just me or has someone else also seen this issue.  When I copy an image from a storyline file and paste it in another story file, all I see is the placeholder for the image.  The image does not appear.  Is this a bug or is there something wrong in my installation of storyline.

- Payal

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Payal Tandon my storyline installation is ok...

I see what you are saying.  I currently import the image from my folder.  But is this not a bug that should be corrected if possible.  I mean at times we do re-use elements from one file to another - only some elements and not all.  So copy pasting images should be possible between two story files. 

Payal Tandon

Stefano,  your point is definitely possible.    But I am not sure why one would not be allowed to copy slide images from one storyline file to another.  I mean throughout my experience of creating e-learning content, I have always maintained one powerpoint file with all the images and objects and one e-learning content file.  And as part of my work flow I copy stuff from this assets file into my e-learning content file.  This was when I used Articulate Presenter (hence powerpoint).  Now since I have switched to Storyline, I am finding this work flow hard to implement.  Now I know work flows will change with the new software, but this copy paste between two instances of same application is something that is pretty common.

I request Jeanette or Dave or some other Articulate Support Staff to please chime in. 

Jaimie Brubaker

Why can't I seem to open two Storyline 2 files at the same time? We're creating a set of short modules, all of which will need to have the same assets. The files are branched and too complex to import to a new .story file. I want to start fresh and copy / import only the slides I need. Can I do that?

Thank you, again,