Copying an image from storyline into a different application

Oct 30, 2012

How do I copy an image from storyline into a different application? When I use the copy function on a shape, image or picture, (Ctrl+V, right-click Copy or ribbon), paste option is grayed out in the other application (Word, PowerPoint, Photoshop). Text will copy and paste, it's just images and shapes that won't.

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Patti Bryant


Shapes and images cannot be copied from Storyline into a different application. You'll need to right click the shape/image and select Save as Picture (I know - it's a pain). Then, you can import the picture you exported from Storyline into another application. Here is the official Support article from Articulate.

I hope this helps!

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brenda bateman


I lost you regarding the 'context menu'. Can you give me a few more details?



I tried the right-click > save as picture and the file is empty (or blank). I tried saving it as .png (Storyline default) and .jpg, both had the same result.

Any other suggestions?


Steve Flowers

Hi, Brenda - 

Sure. In Windows the right-click menu is also referred to as the context menu since it behaves differently depending on the object (context) being clicked.

This is working for me for individual objects, groups of objects, and groups of selections. Do you have an example .story file you could post that we could check out? 

Christine Hendrickson

Hi Brenda,

I know this may sound a little simple, but are you sure that you're selecting the right image? Is there any other image that may be overlapping it, or any image over it that may be transparent?

There's another option you could try. You could try taking a screenshot and cropping the result to just the image you want to save. 

  • If you're using Windows, you can take a screenshot by pressing the "Print Screen" button.
  • After doing so, you can open an image editing program (Windows Paint, for example) and paste it by pressing CTRL+V.
  • Crop the screenshot so you just have the image you need selected.
  • Copy that selected image by pressing CTRL+C and close the image of the screenshot.
  • Paste the image you just copied into the program and save the image as your preferred format (PNG, JPG, etc.).
Jennifer Boettcher

Perhaps with future revision, the ability to copy in Storyline and Paste in another application will be supported.  Can I put my vote in for that now?  LOL. 

I ran into this same issue today.  When I saved as image, the image was cropped funny (it cut off the edges), and the quality was awful.  The image in Storyline is clear.  I got the image from a colleague's Storyline file, but I don't have the original.  At this point, I'm just going to find another image since the workarounds are not ideal, and screenshots include the background image, when I want the background to be transparent.  I know how to edit these things, but that takes time and at this point it's not worth it. 

Crystal Horn

Here's a trick:  If you need to grab a high res copy of a Content Library asset, open a new file.  Make your story size pretty large (2000+ pixels), and then insert the image from Content Library.  When you save to your desktop, it will only be a bit smaller, as opposed to a lot smaller when your slide size is the standard 720x540.

Hope that helps!

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