Copying from PowerPoint into Storyline

Dec 22, 2015

If I select everything on a PowerPoint slide, copy it, and paste into Storyline, the content is pasted as, I think, an image--the group commands in Storyline are disabled with that "object" selected. Is there a way to paste content as separate, editable/formattable text boxes and images?

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Christie Pollick

Hello again, Jay -- I just saw that you posted over here in this thread that you have not been able to experience success when importing a PPT file into SL2, so I would actually like to recommend that you reach out to our Support Engineers directly so they can work with your more closely on determining why you are not able to do so. Please use this form to submit a case, and I will be sure to keep an eye out to follow along with their progress. 

Jay Sprout

I've been forced to use Storyline 2 and two different companies over the past year and the IT folks at both companies have tried every suggestion/solution provided on your site including those at the link below. I'm not interested in wasting anymore time on that.

This morning, I finally got Captivate 8 to import if I save the file as ppt instead of pptx. I'll probably go with that in these cases moving forward even though Captivate is even worse than Storyline.

Allie Munro

Jay, I think I can help you with this.

In PowerPoint select all your objects. Cut them (Ctrl+X), now paste it back in the slide however you want to paste it using the special method, (see attached image).

Now ungroup your objects until they can't be ungrouped anymore. Save your powerpoint file as a new file and import this into Storyline.

Best to convert your powerpoint stage to match that of storyline. Powerpoint in Imperial/Metric so just do some quick math, just remember Storyline is 96PPI. 

for example 720Width translates to  - 720/96 = 7.5"

Christie Pollick

Hi, Jay -- Please let us know if Allie's idea will do the trick for you! Otherwise, we're so sorry to hear of your frustrations, and we truly do appreciate your responses and comments about your experience using Articulate products. Please feel free to use this form to share any and all ideas you would like with our Product Development team. 

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