Copying opening slide for re-use

Jul 27, 2020

I created an opening slide in Storyline 3 that I like. I want to re-use this slide over and over on quizzes, and other presentations. How do I save it and how do I insert it into other quizzes and presentations? (I am brand new to Storyline so I do not understand this very basic thing)

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Gregorio Billikopf

Thanks, Tom. How do I save a slide as a template?

By the way, I was able to import the introductory slide from a different Storyline, and it worked great.

BUT I want to do the same with the results slide, but that is more complicated, because the results slide has specific commands regarding that quiz. (But I want to avoid having to translate every result slide, if that makes sense? Many thanks!)

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Gregorio,

If you'd like to set up a template within Storyline, this tutorial should get you going, How To Use Custom Slide Templates. If you run into any snags, let us know here and share as much detail as you can.

Also, to update your E-Learning Heroes profile icon, you'll choose to edit the profile in the top right-hand corner drop-down menu. 

Hope that helps! 

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