Copying States to Other Layers

Hi!  I am building a 10-question quiz and want to use the same states color options for all 10 questions.  When a learner clicks on a question, the question appears on a new layer. 

Is there a way I can copy the custom color options I created for the buttons (hover, visited, etc.) from one layer to all of the others?

Thank you for your help! :-)

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Leslie Steele

No, this is a little different.  I finally figured out that I could copy an object with the desired properties to another slide and use the format painter from there on the objects on that slide...then just delete the objects I copied from the original slide.  It's a little more convoluted than I was thinking it had to be, but I made it work.  Please let me know if there's an easier way.

I also attached a couple of slides that resulted from that approach on another discussion today.  There were some inconsistencies in how the states displayed.  Can you easily locate that post?  I've posted so much lately that I"m not sure where I've posted which questions.  I would like to say, though, that y'all are great about getting back to users quickly.  Thank you for that.

Leslie McKerchie

You are trying to copy a text box with states? Or an object with a state that includes a text box?

Either way, looks like I can Copy/Paste and the states are retained across slides. Is that what you are asking?

Looks like your other post is here and I'll take a look.

You can see all of your forum activity via your user profile if needed in the future.

Leslie McKerchie

Thanks for sharing the image Leslie and it looks like Ashley beat me back to your post here. It's hard to know how the states were different of course, or what could have happened. Utilizing the format painter works for me to get all of them consistent if that's what you were hoping for?