Copy object with states and associated state-change triggers to other slides

Hi everyone

I've made a custom course progress donut (by creating lots of screenshotted images of donut charts Excel).  

The image has 20 different states for the 20 slides in my course that I want to count towards course progress (there's an increase of 5% on the donut per slide viewed). 

I've set all the appropriate variables on all the slides and then created all the state change triggers on my donut image.

Now I want to copy the donut image and it's states and triggers to the other relevant slides.  But when I copy the image and paste it to a new slide, it seems to be reset - no associated states or triggers are pasted with the object.

I REALLY don't want to have to setup 20 states and 20 state changes on all 20 slides if I can help it!  Any ideas?




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Emily Gallichan

Thanks Phil.  I'll give that a go.  I'd hoped to avoid using Slide Master for it as I'm already using it for different layout designs for certain modules so there will still be some duplication of effort.  Might have to put in a change request asking for it to be possible to copy associated triggers and states with an object.  How come you'd recommend using pie shape and circle instead?  I'd used Excel so that I could be exact in my proportions and I wanted a text box with percentage amount in the donut hole :)

Phil Mayor

States should paste I adopt know why they are not in your case.  The triggers will paste if the are object triggers for that object but slide based triggers will not.

The pie shape is easy to manipulate and the circle over the top would enable you to put your percentage in.  As it is a vector based shape it generally renders better than images with the added benefit that you can quickly change the colour and repurpose in a different course.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

HI Emily,

I'd agree with Phil that duplicating the slide or copying the object should allow all the states and triggers also come along as long as they were associated with the object. If you're not seeing that happen, you'll also want to confirm you're working on local project files as described here, as working on a network or shared drive can cause odd behavior in Storyline. 

We're also happy to take a look at the file to see if we can spot something else going on within the file. Can you share it here with us using the "add attachment" button and we'll be happy to take a look? 

Leslie Steele

My states on the attached slide seem to be working correctly, but they don't look the same in the States view.  Please look at the attached slide.  Can you tell me why all of the states for the black-text objects appear one way (outlined and obviously appearing as a highlighted rectangle around the text box) and the red-text boxes appear differently.They seem to be working the same, but why don't they look the same in the States view?

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Leslie,

thanks for sharing both these files - and I took a look at the first one, and didn't see anything different with the state set up on the states tab or when I looked at the slide within the stage. I did notice some shading once I was previewing it - but I saw that on the black text and the red text, so since you mentioned it was only the red text misbehaving I wanted to confirm? Do you have an image where you could showcase the differences so I can ensure I'm taking a look at the right pieces?

Walt Hamilton

 Can i make a trigger to different states?

Yes, use "Change state of ... when ..."

for example i want to give a trigger to normal state and a different trigger to visited state

No. The visited state is a built-in state, and comes with hidden built-in triggers. If you create triggers to change the visited state, they will almost always cause conflict with the built-in triggers, and you won't like or understand what is happening. If you have a need to create triggers for a visited state, create your own state and name it something other than "Visited".