Copying text from one text field to another during run time....

Aug 25, 2015

Hi, I'm wondering if it is possible to make text that I put in a text field be duplicated to another text field when an interaction takes place? (Similar to populating a text field with information from a variable when you use %variable_name%)

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Daniel Sposato (Philly)

Thanks for the replies. I had actually thought of possibly using that method partially. I was hoping to store text from a field into a variable during run time and then have it populate to another text field when the user performs a certain interaction. But I need to know if it's possible to save that text in a variable during runtime to accomplish what I'd like to do.

What I am developing are simple reusable interactions (that are hollowed out of information) for my fellow employees to reuse in their courses. What I'd like to do is set it up so that they can just enter text into a field once and it would copy that text to another without them having to copy and paste it into another field that is off the stage area. The text needs to be repeated at the end of the interaction and I was hoping there was an easier way than having to tell them they need to copy and paste it into a second location that I would need to direct them to.

Hope this makes sense.

Daniel Sposato (Philly)

Yes, my co-workers have to enter it once as they populate the interaction with the text it will need for the learner to do the interaction.

When the interaction is being used by a learner, they match 4 drag terms to statement or definitions (whatever the ID decides to populate the interaction with). After completing the interaction they are presented with a screen that shows the 4 text fields they saw earlier in the interaction matched up with the same text they saw while doing the interaction.

I just want my fellow co-workers to not have to copy and paste the text to a location in the interaction (where it will take some explaining) that will show the exact same text at the end of the interaction.

I could tell them to put their text into different variables for all the fields that need to be populated, but they would much prefer to be able to add the text and visually see it in the fields before they run it to make sure it looks nice. But I guess I'll have to explain that they'll need to do that by running the slide after they put all their text in variables.

Unless someone's got a better idea?

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

So, it sounds like each of the 4 fields needs to be their own variable, that the ID enters in a separate section/slide and then is referenced in those text boxes. To me that sounds a bit more complicated than just having the text entered in there directly - but I'd defer to the expertise of our community for additional thoughts. 

Daniel Sposato (Philly)

Thanks for the reply. Now that I have thought about the process a little more all I really need to know is if it is possible to update the information in a variable during run time?

If not, then what I will do is tell the IDers to just add their text to the variable directly so I can set up the interaction to populate all text from the variables I preset.

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