Copyright SCORM files

My company is thinking of leasing some of our SCORM files. They don't want to use AICC or Tin Can with third party hosting, due to potential firewall issues and this being an international client. Is there a way to Copyright SCORM files? Was initially thinking we might be able to add a tracking component into the course, something that reports usage rates or add a unique fingerprint to the course.

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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Scott, 

I've seen previous threads here where users have asked about "locking down" the content or copyrighting it - but there isn't a way to do it within Storyline. You may want to look into the tracking component within an LMS or another hosting site. You may also want to add the actual copyright information to the start of the course or throughout every slide as a part of your logo or slide master. 

Hope that helps!