Storyline project is complete and need to add a copyright for our company

Any suggestions on how to add a copyright line to a project that is already developed. 

My boss just asked me to add something like the following, which is going to the client early this week.

Developed by "our company" for "client" copyright date, and link to our company.  

I tried putting this on the master slide but in many of the slides that are used this text is covered up.  

I guess I could just put it at the beginning of the course?  

any suggestions?

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Alyssa Gomez

Hi Rhonda!

Using the slide master is a great idea, since anything you add to the slide master will be applied to all slides. 

If text on the slide master is covered by slide objects, add it to a slide master layer instead. 

Then, add a trigger to the slide master base layer to "show layer when the timeline starts". Any text on the slide master layer will appear on top of all slide objects.

 I hope that helps!