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I am creating a pre starter mandatory package for new staff to play before they commence their first day in the organisation (an NHS hospital in the UK). It will have a corporate style to it. I will be using the fantastic Ipad template that was posted on here which ties in with the hospital next year becoming an e-hospital where we will be a paperless hospital, but where I am struggling is the different icons on the first page! I have tried (but failed miserably!!) to come up with a set for the list of topics below that look and feel the same.  I love the simpleness of the ones in teh template, however trying to com up wiht my own..not good!! Any suggestions or if anyone has icons like the topics below already  and willing to share I would really appreciate it!!

Topics to include – Safeguarding Children,  Vulnerable Adults, Fire, Information Governance, Infection Control/Hand hygiene, Security, Fraud, Moving and Handling. Conflict Resolution, Staff benefits/development.

Thanks everyone


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Kim Simmons

Just a thought, but have you tried doing an Internet search for images on the various topics? It might give you some great ideas. Here's what I found when I searched for safeguarding children images: