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Feb 03, 2016

I am developing a video series to use in my E-Learning courses. I was looking for some input in what cameras and microphones people would recommend. I am looking for something professional grade and am leaning toward a camcorder vs a DSLR.  However, I am open to hearing from both sides. Most of the filming will be done indoors in a room without natural light.

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David Jordan

Depending on your video scenario, whether its someone stationary, talking to the camera. Or a scene where something is played out with actors, makes a difference.

 In any scenario where the subject is stationary and talking to the camera, or in a narration scenario, i will use my Blue Yeti. I have had so much success with it, the quality is great. I dont do much scenario filming, and when i do, it has narration. I've done mostly industrial videos, so i have no suggestion for that.

I used a camcorder for all of my filming and have had no issues.  I have not had an opportunity to compare other options so my view is a bit one sided, but, i do not have any problems or complaints from using a camcorder. 

A lot of small details can always be handled in the edit. 


Christie Pollick

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