Audio equipment recommendations required please

Feb 09, 2015

I am in the process of adding audio to several of my courses, the equipment we have is not amazing and my knowledge of microphones and amps etc is fairly limited!
Can anyone recommed a decent microphone and/or amp that isn't hugely expensive?

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Brett Rockwood

There are a number of discussions here about audio gear. David Anderson has a good one here. I'll just add that a good microphone is probably the single most important item in your system.

You can spend anywhere for $20 to $5000 but I wouldn't suggest going to either extreme. There are any number of decent quality mics in the $100-200 range. A lot of people use the Blue Microphone Yeti.

If you want to go into more professional lines (i.e., more expensive and complex) you should look at the Shure SM7B or SM58, 2 standards of the recording industy, or mics from EV, Sennheiser and Beyerdynamic. All of these are going to need adapters to enable to plug directly into a computer but are going to give you excellent results.


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