Correct feedback layer works perfectly but incorrect feedback layer does not.


Hoping I can get some feedback/clarity for the following issue. I am working on a slide in SL2 that requires the user to enter data into numeric entry fields with a player trigger set up to Show layer>Correct>User clicks>Submit Button, under the trigger condition that the user enters the correct data. Additionally, I have a second trigger set up to show the incorrect layer if the user enters the data incorrectly. When I test this slide and enter the correct data in each field, the Correct layer works perfectly. However, when I enter incorrect data in any of the numeric entry fields and click the submit button, it does not bring up the incorrect layer. in fact there is no reaction at all. I have checked and tested the trigger conditions to make sure they are accurate, multiple times but can't seem to find a solution. The Articulate file is attached. Slide 1.1 is the slide I am having the issue with. I highlighted the answers/ correct data that should be entered into each numeric entry field on slide 1.2. Any help would be appreciated.

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Alyssa Gomez

Hey Steven! Thanks for including your file!

It looks like you need to evaluate multiple fields on one slide -- superhero Wendy Farmer has an excellent tutorial on that very topic! DEMO: Evaluating Multiple Fill in the Blank - SL2 Source File

And in case you're a visual learner like me, there's also this tutorial video by Jeanette Brooks.

Try that method, and let us know how it goes!