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I work from home, and save my storyline files on my local C drive. When completed, I need to share these files with my remote team via a secure pathway and location. When I attempt to move the files through VPN from home, they time out and the transfer is unsuccessful. So I have to drive into the office and dock my laptop into my docking station. For some reason, when I open storyline from my office, the last file I worked on will immediately show as a blank white file and when I try to open it, it says it is corrupted.

I have researched this issue on the forums here, and I followed all the guidelines such as saving and working locally, limiting the characters in the title, maintaining 96 DPI, and not using odd characters. This has happened to me twice already, where I lost days or weeks of work.

My entire team is about to purchase 360. I am wondering if this will resolve the issue (right now I am using storyline 3), or if anyone else had this issue and had a real solution. It is a huge risk for us to move forward with this purchase if we can not guarantee that the product lessons will not end in corruption.   

I also tried other recommended solutions such as searching for / opening a previous version, opening a new storyline file and importing the corrupt file, etc... nothing works. Attached is 1) my screenshot of the file in my folder showing as a blank white file 2) the corrupt message that is displayed when I try to open the file 3) the corrupt message I see when I try to open a new file and import the corrupted storyline file.  

The other thing I feel I must mention is that we are building these courses from importing PPT files. Could this be a cause?

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Jamie,

Thanks for submitting a case and working on this with Jose! I saw he was able to confirm the file was corrupt 😞 but I asked him to involve some of our Senior Support Engineers to determine why the files are becoming corrupt since you mentioned following all the guidelines outlined here.  

We'll be in touch again shortly! 

Amitesh Pandey

Hi Jamie, 

Try this if it works.

Recover at least [SOME] part of it by:
1. Typing %appdata%/Articulate/storyline into your FILE EXPLORER
2. Choose one of the first files to appear, and change the file extension to ".story" and open it.

Hopefully, all won't be lost.

And to minimize crashes and total losses - work locally, save often, and keep track of the different versions of your course.

Thanks & Regards