Cost Calculator with Different Price Selections

Hi there,

I am new to the community and wondering if anyone may have created a slide where cost is calculated based on a selection made by the learner? In this scenario, students are role playing an Architectural Technologist who is tasked with recommending flooring to fit their client's budget. I would like the numbers in Column D to change based on what is selected in Column C.

Here is an outline of the chart I want to create in Articulate: Which flooring can your client afford?

If anyone has any templates to share or tips on how to create this sort of slide, please add to the discussion.





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Michael Hinze

I don`t think there is a template that does exactly you are after, but a calculator like this can easily be built in Storyline. The options in each row of column C should be grouped as button sets (here is some info) so that only one option per row can be selected. Whenever a selection in column C changes you would recalculate the numeric value in D and also recalculate the total amount. Here is some info on working with variables and displaying variables in text references.

Michelle Macdonald

Hi Michael,

I was able to get most of the way but I am having trouble with the "Total Cost" variable. It should reset after I select different flooring types but I don't know how to do that. Right now it's adding to the total every time a flooring type is clicked.

Here's the file if you have a moment to point out what I can do to correct this issue.

Thanks so much for your help.


Michael Hinze

See attached a revised file. I changed a few things:

1. Grouped the buttons into button sets. That makes sure that only one button within a button set can be selected at a time. That saves you all these triggers to set buttons to Normal.

2. To simplify the calculation, I added a new variable SomethingChanged. Whenever that variable is toggled, the total variable is set back to 0 and is then recalculated. 

3. You used Numeric data entry fields to show the values in the Total column. There is nothing wrong with that but it also means that a user can click into these fields and manually add values. I put a transparent shape over these fields to prevent that.

Hope that helps.