Using Storyline Screen Recordings

Aug 03, 2012

How can I insert a Storyline screen recording into a specific slide or area of a slide.  Is it possible to re-size the recording?  I like the built-in screen recording functionality but am starting to wonder if it is easier to create videos with an external tool.  Does anyone have thoughts on this based on your experiences?

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Mike Enders


One of the cool things that you can do (if you wish to resize the recording and move it to a particular section of the slide) is to export it and then insert as an MP4 video.

When you are in the video insert area, right click on the video preview screen and select export movie.  Save it, then go to your slide and select insert.  It makes for an awesome screen recording tool!

Mike Enders


There isn't a means for resizing a step-by-step video.  However, if you really need something smaller, you could quickly recreate the same functionality by using a series of screenshots and quiz question slides (text entry, hotspot, etc.).


If you'd like to add a feature request for resizing the step-by-step slides, here's a link:

Stephanie Schneider

I'm having a similar problem as Niki except the step by step recordings were 100% fine in my project and then I adjusted my screen resolution on my computer to make my screencasts more clear and something I adjusted made all of my step by step recordings re-size. Now I can't get them back to the size that they were and all of the interactivity and layers I had built on top of the slides are in the wrong places. Now my slides look like this:

Any tips on how I can get them back to how they were (changing my resolution back didn't work)?


Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Stephanie,

I couldn't see the image you shared, but what did you adjust your screen resolution to? Storyline is supported with a DPI of 96 - and you may see a distortion if using something else. 

Your screen recording (original) is still saved in your file, so you could try adding it again (just click on the little arrow next to the "Record Screen button" and you'll get a drop down where you see all your screen recordings). 

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