Count down timer for Uptake time

I want to add a short 5 second count down timer for when the individual clicks ok a delay occurs before the assesment starts, this is because i want to give the learner a few seconds to focus before starting the assessment "up take time" if you will.

I have attached a picture of what i want it to look like, i want the 5 to count down 4 3 2 1 after the individual clicks ok (it wont appear until after the ok is clicked and the new slide layer is shown

Im thinking i might need to change it's state as the timeline elapses, but im not sure and just thought i would put it out there to see if anyone had used this idea before and how they did it.

Thank you in advance for your help.

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Jannicke Wilhelmsen

You can do this by using layers, variables and triggers.

There are some good examples on how to do this on the forum, which I used when making my own counter.

I don't remember the threads, but I have attached the two examples I downloaded, made by some other brilliant users on the forum.

Hope this can help you

Rebecca Fleisch Cordeiro

Hi Rachel,

I became intrigued by your question when I saw it this morning. I didn't have time to post or play around with it then, and I see that Jannicke has already answered it. But since I put some thought into it, I thought, what the heck, I'll post it and see what you and others think.

I like your idea of giving the Learner time to pause before the quiz actually begins. And I thought you wanted the timer to start when the Learner clicks OK - and then the quiz question appears when the timer is up. So that's what my attached story does. First, a couple things:

I took my JavaScript code from the great model Steve Flowers provided in this thread:

Because his solution is so all encompassing, it can be used for practically any time counting, so I wanted to try to apply it here. But, because I don't know how to write JavaScript, there's one downfall to it (see below).

I've also used layers. So,

  • The slide begins with the CountDown layer. This happens because there's a trigger on the base layer set to show the Timer layer when the timeline (on the base layer) starts.
  • When the Learner is ready, s/he clicks OK to begin the timer
  • The Countdown layer is hidden when the sSeconds variable changes - when it is equal to 5

And then the assessment begins.

The downfall: because I don't know JavaScript, I didn't know how to set the count to count down. So, it's counting up instead ;(. Maybe Steve will see this and post here, explaining how to tweak it!

Because we're close to St. Patrick's day, I've got a little "green theme" going here

Rachel Steele

Hi Rebecca,

The other timers for a long period and i hopes i'd be able to work out how to make it just short but still a beginner so struggling, Thank you for having a go to lets hope somoene works out how to sount down with the java script.

It does make me feel better when their isn't an obvious answer already

looks like i better add learning java script to my to do list.