Countdown Timer by Using a Trigger Loop Does Not Work on SL2 but Works on SL1?

Many people know this trick where you can build a countdown timer on any slide by using a trigger loop in Articulate Storyline.  However, in this case I was trying to count down and also having the user fill out a Text Entry field. I was a bit confused because the functionality works on Storyline 1 (SL1) but, it does not work properly in Storyline 2!


The expected behavior is (as you can witness by downloading the .story files) that you should be able to type in the Text Entry field as the timer counts down.  However, in the SL2 sample a weird glitch happens as the loop kicks the cursor out of the Text Entry.  The end result is the user cannot enter any characters in the field.


I would like for the awesome Articulate team to help out on this one and any confirmation or resolution from community users is super welcome.


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Michael Hinze
Jacinta Penn

Hi Alex, Michael I should have said, that's an awesome workaround. Funny how you get stuck into trying to fix the layer rather than thinking "do i actually need the layer"

@Jacinta, there is nothing wrong with using layers :-) As always in Storyline, there is more than one way to achieve the same goal.