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Brian Dennis

Sounds the perfect use for a (numeric) project variable. Define an incorrect target (hotspot, shape, etc) then use a trigger to Adjust (add) a value (1). Remember to create a trigger on the base layer to Assign a value (0) to the variable at time line startup.

Variables; https://community.articulate.com/series/5/articles/working-with-variables

Quick .demo story file attached

Carrie Reed

Is there any way to include number of clicks in quiz results? I'm inserting a simulation into a course and say it should only take 8 clicks to get through it, but the user clicks 16 times to figure it out, is there a way to prompt the failed quiz result?

I inserted a "failed" layer, triggered by my numeric variable, to appear at the end of the simulation if a user has clicked more than 10 times. But then my quiz layer will appear immediately after giving me passing results.